ZC-S300 Dental Chair Package (2020 Type )


In order to ensure smooth operation and patient comfort, ZC-S300 2020 type dental chair packages are fully flexible for the dentist to make treatment easier.


  1. The doctor table is equipped with a big tray and a rotary handpiece holder, which is extremely practical.
  2. The light arm that moves up and down in a large range can be close to the patient during treatment and be moved away after operation to avoid knock.
  3. The stable, durable and wide patient chair is designed with lumbar support, ensuring optimum patient comfort especially when lying on it.


The headrest can be positioned at multiple angles for treatment and operation. The backrest can be completely repositioned in 9 seconds.

LED operatory light
LED operatory light has three-axis rotation, manual switch and infrared sensor switch, which can control the on-off and adjust the intensity. The handle can be disassembled, cleaned and disinfected. Vertical distance of the light arm is 700mm.

Temperature display of gargling water
The screen on the unit box shows the real-time temperature of heater.

Filter of strong suction and saliva ejector
The position of filter is designed with an inclined angle to prevent against bacteria breeding. A filter net is inside and can be easily removed for cleaning.

Cushion covers
The cushion covers adopt a standardized plastic molding process, which can be quickly and easily installed and disassembled. They are made of environmentally friendly materials to prevent the growth of mold in a humid environment.

Multifunctional pedal switch
The pedal switch can control the speed of the handpiece according to the strength of the step. It integrates dental chair control, blowing air, water spray from the handpiece, flushing of the cuspidor and gargling water, making it convenient for dentists.

Multifunctional doctor table
1. Equipped with 3 memory positions, dentists can set three commonly-used chair positions according to his usual habits.
2. Spitting position: During the treatment, when the patient needs to spit saliva or dirt, just press the “spitting” button, the dental chair will switch from the treatment position to the spit position, the light will automatically turn off (if it is on) and the flushing water will turn on automatically; after spitting, press the “spitting” button again, the dental chair will return to the former treatment position. At this time, the light will turn on and the flushing water will stop automatically.
3. Chair interlock system: During treatment, when the dentist uses a handpiece or a scaler, all movements of the dental chair are locked to prevent accidental injury due to the malfunction of the dental chair.
4. Rotary handpiece holder.

No-sticker integrated assistant control
1. Prevent the liquid from entering the circuit board through the gap of the sticker, improving the reliability of the circuit. Side handle makes operation easier.
2. The strong suction and saliva ejector can be turned off with a delay of 5 seconds to ensure that the dirt in tubes is completely drained.
3. The strong suction and saliva ejector handles are made of a combination of aluminum alloy and silicone, light weight and good sealing, can be removed for cleaning and disinfection. The flow can be adjusted by the handle flow switch.

Semi hidden double water bottles
The tandem double water bottles supply purified water twice as much as common units, which provide sufficient water for the operation. The double water bottles are built-out with a guide port inside, which is convenient for dentists to assemble and disassemble.

Rotary ceramic cuspidor
Facilitates spitting by patients and four-handed operation.

Standard configurations


  • New wide chair with PU upholstery: 1 set
  • Silent motor: 2 pcs
  • Three recorded seat positions by programming
  • Multifunctional foot pedal
  • Patient chair with single armrest
  • Dentist stool: 1 set

Dental chair

  • Imported handpiece tubing: 3 pieces
  • Pressure gauge
  • 3-way syringe: 2 pieces (cold & warm)
  • Built-out X-film viewer: 1 set
  • Saliva ejector (water) and strong suction (air)
  • Plastic tray: 1 piece
  • LED operation light with sensor
  • Rotary ceramic cuspidor
  • Double water bottles system
  • All inner air and water tubings are from Taiwan
  • Cup filler/ tray/ tissue box
  • Touch-type assistant control panel

Optional configurations

  • Top-mounted instrument table
  • Control system for cart
  • Scaler
  • Leather patient chair with backrest and headrest
  • Curing Light
  • Intra-oral camera system
  • Monitor bracket
  • High-speed air turbine handpiece
  • Low-speed air motor handpiece
  • Double armrests
  • Fiber optic handpiece tube (with light)
  • Faro operation light
  • Semi-automatic disinfection system

Technical Parameters

  • Power supply: 220V, 50/60Hz
  • Water source pressure: 0.2-0.4 MPa
  • Power supply: 220V, 50/60Hz

Chair color