Steam Autoclave B, Dental Autoclave

Steam Autoclave B

Application Field

The steam autoclave B is commonly seen in operating theaters, dental rooms, ophthalmology departments and biomedical research institutes to sterilize autoclavable equipment and supplies, such as surgical instrument, dental appliance, surgical dressing, laboratory glassware, injection device, etc.


  • This steam sterilizer uses an independent steam generator to separate steam generation process from chamber heating process. Thus, steam is created at a controllable speed, and less water is consumed. Moreover, the heating element is placed outside the sterilization chamber, so it won’t come into contact with water, thereby prolonging its service life.
  • For our steam autoclave, the steam generator makes use of a multipoint control unit to reduce overshooting of pressure, thus allowing the load to reach the correct temperature much faster while maintaining stable sterilization process. Moreover, the applied leading-edge fuzzy control technology is able to more precisely control the chamber temperature. Technically speaking, the temperature deviation is within ±0.5°C.
  • The B-cycle sterilizer has a piece of new control software that could automatically record start time and end time of a sterilization cycle.
  • The temperature sensor is designed to effectively correct the temperature, and its parameters can be regulated automatically or manually. In addition, the date and time display module allows flexible adjustment within 30 years.


The newly designed top-mounted water tank complies with the EN13060 standard, and it is extremely easy to clean.

Our steam autoclave has a very large door to facilitate operators’ work, while the broadband LCD display offers a humanized interface. The wide air window makes it very fast to finish heat dissipation process, and multi-temperature protection is also realized. In addition, as an optional device, the external mini printer could be fitted to print all the technical data of sterilization process on paper.

The control system is especially designed for steam sterilization process, and it takes advantage of intelligent fuzzy control technology to automatically check out if there is any fault, thus alleviating maintenance work. The circuit board has a state-of-the-art microprocessor that is provided by Atmel Corporation, and this microcontroller is characterized by high capacity, fast data processing speed as well as reliable performance. In addition, the B-type water steam sterilizer is able to monitor water quality, which in return will significantly prolong the service life of our steam generator, indicating that less maintenance cost is required.

The key components are introduced from foreign countries, and they are all of stable quality and long life span. So, our steam autoclave will deliver satisfying performance to customers.

Technical Data

  1. Sterilization temperature: 121°C, 134°C
  2. Display: Wide LCD display
  3. Test cycle: Bowie & Dick test and vacuum test
  4. Pre-vacuum: 1-time and 3-time pre-vacuum treatments are both available for one machine.
  5. Special microorganisms to be inactivated: HIV, HBV, prion (causes mad cow disease), spore and other viruses
  6. Sterilization record: The sterilization record can be printed on papers by a mini printer, or be stored in a USB disk.
  7. Sterilization cycle: Our steam autoclave has different sterilization cycles, such as general sterilization cycle (in accordance with European standard), 134-PRION cycle (with a longer plateau time of 18 minutes to kill prion protein), as well as other cycles for unwrapped solid, rubber and plastic loads.
  8. Safety consideration: Temperature protection is available at three places including the steam generator as well as the inner and outer sides of sterilization chamber, while the door lock is protected both manually and pneumatically. As a result, misoperation won’t lead to a disastrous consequence.