Genoray supplies Intra-Oral sensor manufactured by Toshiba Elec Tubes and Devices which opens new paradigmespecially with TRIANA software. You can acquire the most distinctive images with the lowest dose of radiation. You can acquire absolute images from every part of teeth with the exposure time between 0.03 seconds and 0.11 seconds

Genoray Dental Portable X-ray
Detailed Product Description
Compared with other existing portable X-ray, PORT-X II contains high capacity of
rechargeable battery. Accordingly, voltage supply cable does not need to be used.
• Inverter system for High voltage occurrence makes X-ray generating power steady.
• High capacity of rechargeable battery causes the possibility of using PORT-X II in external
examination, ambulance and evenfield operation.
•High-definition LCD graphics show every conditions, photographing condition and action
condition. As the result, PORT-X II is able to be used convenient.
•According to adult and child even incisor, canine and molar, the program of photographing
conditions was saved. The best quality of image can be simply acquired.

System Information
• PORT-X II generates and controls X-ray in order to acquire images for tooth and jaw.
• It generates X-ray from high voltage electricity into the X-ray tube, which penetrates tooth
and jaw and makes X-ray images on receptor. (Chemical film or Digital sensor)
• High capacity enables it wireless, which makes it to store and move very easily.

User Interface
• Battery type of x-ray system, get rid of all cables outside.
• Graphic LCD shows the shooting conditions in detail.
• For adults and babies, for molar and incisor, direct button make it easy to adjust
exposure time.

• PORT-X II is composed of main unit, High capacity of rechargeable battery. Recharging
unit and necklace.