Laboratory Accessories

We offer a wide range of ozone generators and accessories for medical, dental and office / home/ use. We developed dental accessories that can be connected easily to any type of ozone generator allowing the practitioner to provide ozone therapies in all kinds of dental procedures i.e. tooth caries, root canal treatment, periodontics, surgery, preparation of ozonized water, etc.

Medical ozone therapies, which is considered as a complementary aid to traditional medical treatments, is well indicated in different diseases i.e. diabetic foot, arthritis, colitis, badly healing wounds, dermatoses, etc.

Ozone is widely used in potable water purification, agriculture, food and vegetable sanitation, and in many other industrial applications. The powerful anti-microbial properties of ozone make it the best agent in water treatment and most large cities in the world are now using ozone instead of chlorine to treat city water. Major water bottlers also use ozone as the preferred antimicrobial agent. The FDA gave its acceptance to use ozone in the food industry. Meat, fruits and vegetables are processed by ozone disinfection in order to clean them from all pesticides and microbes as well as other harmful organic substances. This disinfection and treatment by ozone will preserve the food fresh for much longer time. Ozone generators manufacturers developed different types of devices to be used at home and in small industrial fields for water purification, households disinfection, and in a wide variety of daily home applications.

Original Dental provides training to health care specialists given by experienced medical doctors and dentists in medical and dental applications of ozone therapies.

In case you wish further details or support on dental, medical, office/home ozone generators and accessories, please contact us and we will provide you with the best options according to your specific needs.