Fluid Air Abrasion

The AQUACUT Quattro
Fluid Abrasion Cutting and Polishing System

The Aquacut Quattro enables you to perform a fast and effective cleaning of your patient’s mouth to give a much quicker and more accurate diagnosis of their dental condition.

At the twist of a switch, the Aquacut Quattro changes into a powerful cutting tool that can cut hard tissue quickly.

Unlike conventional rotary cutting instruments however, the Aquacut Quattro is no in direct contact with tooth structure. There is no vibration, heat generation, turbine noise or smell. Moreover, in most cases the gentle action of the Aquacut Quattro removes the need for local anaesthesia, saving you time and making the whole experience far less traumatic for your patient.

The advantages of the Aquacut Quattro

The perfect instrument for normally invasive dentistry:

  • No chipping or stress fractures, plus minimal removal of sound tooth material
  • Quick and effecient- reduced treatment times
  • Versatile- able to clean, treat, wash and dry
  • Patient friendly- no heat, noise, vibration or smell
  • Reduces the heat for local anaesthesia
  • More conservative than a hard tissue laser, and at a fraction of a cost
  • Fully portable and easy to operate, requires only an air supply
  • A unique product using advanced technology
Powder Cartridges

xSelf-contained disposable, gama-irradiated powder cartridges allow for quick and easy replacement. The cartridge has an inbuilt feed system that ensures no maintenance as it is automatically replaced at each change.

Easy-to-use and Versatile

The handpiece is autoclavable and comes in 5 color-coded cutting nozzle sizes. The long-life tungsten carbide cutting nozzle can be easily changed- depending on treatment.


Gold: 0.8 mm Silver: 0.6 mm Green: 0.4 mm Purple: 0.3 mm

Foot Control

The unique 3-way foot control enables cut, clean, wash and dry operations to be carried out through the same handpiece without withdrawing from the mouth- a great time saver

Hydro Particle Technology

The Aquacut’s high-speed fluid stream, fed from a small reservoir, provides a continuous cavity wash during cutting and virtually eliminates airborne powder and tooth debris. This unique technology gives outstanding cutting efficiency and minimal patient discomfort.